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Sea NG: Compressed Natural Gas Transportation Leaders

Sea NG is a worldwide leader in marine CNG (compressed natural gas) transportation. Sea NG designed and developed the Coselle System, which consists of the innovative Coselle and the purpose-built CNG vessels that integrate the technology to safely, efficiently and economically transport gas. Sea NG’s success is the result of over a decade of design, engineering and testing with the goal of a project-ready marine CNG transportation value chain.


Coselle CNG Transportation System

Transporting natural gas efficiently and safely is possible with simple compression and newly available Coselle CNG ships. As an alternative to traditional natural gas transportation systems, Sea NG has developed a proven coiled pipe carousel – or Coselle – design, that performs like a floating pipeline. The Coselle System provides safe, reliable and economic marine storage of natural gas for transportation to utilities and industrial natural gas customers at coastal locations or on island nations.


New Ship for Transporting Natural Gas

Through a safe, reliable and economic CNG transportation system, Sea NG can transport gas to seaborne markets that may not be effectively served by subsea pipelines or liquefied natural gas (LNG). Sea NG’s ABS class-approved construction-ready ship designs integrate Coselle technology to address a wide range of commercial and technical delivery requirements and challenges for major oil and gas producers. Sea NG’s CNG/compressed natural gas transportation system is a simple, flexible and lower cost alternative to other midstream gas transport technologies, such as pipelines or LNG. Marine CNG transport uses a shuttle system to deliver natural gas with a small fleet of specialized ships, similar to a ferry service.


Marine CNG Compressed Natural Gas Transportation

Increasing offshore exploration and production, especially in deep water, has created an economic need for a stranded gas solution to transport and monetize natural gas for lower volumes over shorter distances (less than 2000 km). In some cases, Marine CNG offers a simpler and lower cost value chain versus Floating Liquefied Natural Gas (FLNG) and Floating Regasification and Storage (FSRU) solutions. Customers have two options for contracting Marine CNG: 1) own CNG ships and related infrastructure and license Coselle technology or 2) Charter Coselle Ships and related infrastructure from Sea NG Alliance.