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Sea NG Corporation is a Canadian company engaged in the development and commercialization of technology for marine transportation of compressed natural gas (CNG).  Sea NG offers its customers a safe, economic and reliable method of transporting natural gas by ship.

Sea NG was formed in 2005 to acquire the rights to an innovative marine CNG technology -- the Coselle™. The Coselle™ is a large-volume, high-pressure gas storage module.  Coselle™ is a contraction of the words “coiled pipe in a carousel”.  Sea NG built on over a decade of design, engineering and testing to develop a project-ready marine CNG transportation system. 

In 2006 the C16 Sea NG ship with the Coselle™ CNG containment system became the only CNG ship to receive approval for construction from the American Bureau of Shipping (ABS).  ABS approval was granted after construction and extensive testing of Coselle™ prototypes, review of hundreds of drawings of all aspects of the ship and Coselles™ and comprehensive safety studies.Sea NG is recognized as a world leader in marine CNG technology.  The Coselle™ System is backed by an expert team that includes the inventors of the Coselle™ and an International alliance of energy companies.

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