Transporting gas to PLTGU company will soon be auctioned

Reporter: Saugy Riyandi
August 2012
PT PLN (Persero) will start a tender projects tekompresi transporting natural gas (compressed natural gas / CNG) by sea in September. The project is targeted to start operations in 2014.

Chief, Division of Fuel (BBM) and the PLN Suryadi Mardjoeki Gas said it is still looking for the scheme of cooperation that is beneficial to the contractor and the company. PLN middle market sounding for bidders to see which are the most popular scheme among built own operation (BOO), built operate transfer (BOT), and the company's share capital.

"Because of this pilot project, we want this project to be a success. For the auction itself, can hopefully begin in late August or early September, "said Suryadi in Jakarta, Monday (30/7).

This project will be utilizing a portion of the gas supply Sirasun Batur to Terang Field PLTGU Gresik. The volume of gas to be transported around 3-6 million cubic feet per day (mmscfd). The plan, the CNG supply will be used as fuel for power during peak load by 100 megawatts (MW). The gas will be used to turn the power on Lombok.

PLN has also signed a partnership with oil and gas consultant from Italy RINA Indonesia to assess the transport of CNG by sea. RINA will design pattern CNG delivery by sea so that the economic and technical factors can be achieved optimally with respect to the security, as required in the CNG safety guidelines and other rules and regulations.

"If this project is successful, it will greatly assist PLN in an effort to cut fuel consumption," said Suryadi. In the test phase, he calculates, CNG which could replace the use of fuel transported by 51 million liters per year and save USD 200 billion per year.

In addition in the form of CNG, electric company will utilize the gas in the form of liquefied natural gas (liquefied natural gas / LNG). The Company together with PT Pertamina (Persero) will build nine small scale LNG terminal. "The total value of the development of the terminal 9 is USD 240 million. So PLN will disburse funds of $ 84 million or 35 percent, "said Suryadi.

The first small-scale LNG terminal will be operational between late 2013 and early 2014. For the first phase, which will operate the terminal in Pesanggaran, Bali by 20 mmscfd, East Kalimantan 20 mmscfd, and Moras, South Sulawesi 10-15 mmscfd. "There were 11 applicants tender and all companies on an international scale," he concluded.
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