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A more flexible and lower cost midstream solution is available -- by sea. The Coselle™ technology sets Sea NG apart from all other marine CNG companies. All other marine CNG technologies are “bottle-ships” of one form or another.

Bottle ships use a large number of cylindrical pressure vessels or “bottles” connected with a complex manifold and piping arrangement. Hundreds or even thousands of these bottles are required to store significant volumes of natural gas. As a result, “bottle-ship” designs are complex and expensive.

The Coselle™ technology is superior to bottle based designs in terms of container size and simplicity. A Coselle™ is approximately 15 to 20 times larger than proposed marine CNG bottle containers resulting in far fewer Coselles™ being required to transport the same volume of gas. The relative simplicity of Coselle™ Systems means that they are more reliable and less expensive to construct and operate.

The Coselle™ System is currently the only marine CNG system to hold full classification approval from the American Bureau of Shipping.  

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