The CoselleTM

At the heart of Sea NG’s marine CNG System is its patented Coselle™ technology. The innovation lies in using coiled pipe to safely and effectively store gas at high pressure. The result is a cost-effective solution for marine transport of natural gas over short to medium distances.


“Coselle™” is a contraction of the phrase “coiled pipe in a carousel”.  A single Coselle™ consists of approximately 21 kilometres (13 miles) of 168 mm (6”) diameter steel pipe that has been coiled into a reel-like steel support structure.  The reel is enclosed and then filled with inert gas.  The Coselles™ are subsequently permanently installed and integrated into the hull of purpose built ships which are also filled with an inert gas.  Due to the large size of the Coselles™, a relatively simple manifold with few valves and controlling systems is required.  This simplicity creates a system that is more reliable and less expensive to construct and operate.

Each Coselle™ has a maximum capacity of approximately 4 million standard cubic feet (~116,000 standard cubic metres) of natural gas at near ambient temperature – a very large volume of gas for a single container.

Coselle Construction

The pipeline industry has been coiling and storing pipe for over forty years.  Sea NG’s Coselle™ technology builds upon that experience. Using coiled pipe to store gas is a new application of proven technology and thus new technology risk is limited.

Marine Construction Corporation (MCC), is a wholly owned subsidiary of Sea NG Corporation registered in South Korea.  MCC has designed and will construct and operate a Coselle™ manufacturing facility within the Gunsan Free Trade Zone in the City of Gunsan, South Korea.

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