CoselleTM CNG Ships

Sea NG has developed a range of construction ready designs for Coselle™ ships to suit customer’s project requirements. Sea NG ships are designed to ensure safe, efficient and reliable CNG shipping.

Efficient, Integrated Hull

Sea NG’s ship design integrates Coselles™ within the ship’s hull in a way that utilizes the Coselle™ structure to strengthen the hull.

Coselles™ are watertight, gastight and interconnected. They are stacked in and connected to the outer plating of the hull of the ship in an array that creates a lighter yet stronger structure. This ship structure requires significantly less propulsion power, substantially reducing capital and operating costs.

Key Features

  • The hull is designed to simplify construction and thereby to reduce cost and construction time.
  • The design has been model tested to ensure efficiency.
  • The 50MMscf C16 ship has full approval for construction from the American Bureau of Shipping.

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