Applications Overview

Sea NG’s Coselle™ System is an economic solution to connect natural gas supply to regional markets. Escalating liquid fuel prices, the growing need for fuel switching capability by power generators and industrial users, anti-flaring legislation and the desire to efficiently develop and use natural gas reserves are all providing the impetus to customers to consider and adopt marine CNG.

Marine transportation of CNG utilizing the Coselle™ System can be an economic solution for:

  • Monetizing stranded natural gas reserves within regional markets.
  • Connecting underexploited natural gas reserves with higher value regional markets.
  • Monetizing associated gas produced offshore which would otherwise be flared or re-injected.
  • Enabling new field development by supporting extended well testing and early production systems.
  • Replacing higher cost liquid hydrocarbon fuels in electric power plants and other industrial facilities with regional natural gas supplies.

Oil and gas producers are looking for ways to enhance the value of underexploited gas or to monetize associated gas that is currently re-injected or flared. Sea NG’s Coselle™ System is a tool that enables gas producers to maximize the value of their assets by giving them access to new markets and improve net-backs.

On the demand side, coastal power and industrial plants that are not connected to a pipeline or whose demand profiles are too low to be supplied by LNG can use Coselle™ Systems to diversify their fuel supply, thereby reducing fuel costs and emissions. Coastal communities that are isolated from mainline gas transmission service -- or for which that service is limited -- can be served by marine CNG. Distribution service providers can use Coselle™ Systems to source or supplement gas supply.

Sea NG works with both natural gas producers and potential consumers to assess their specific needs and to design and develop tailor-made solutions using Coselle™ Systems. With a deep understanding of the significant potential for regional natural gas markets and relationships with potential counterparties in those markets, Sea NG, either on its own or with its Alliance partners can bring together producers and potential consumers of natural gas.

The Coselle™ System is an ideal solution for monetizing smaller volumes of gas because it enables access to regional markets. Specifically, the Coselle™ System is often the most economical solution for moving volumes up to 500 MMscf/d over distances up to 2000 km – the Coselle™ “market focus”.

Sea NG customers may still consider using Coselle™ Systems for projects outside that market focus for many reasons including: regional political considerations, infrastructure and space constraints, environmental and permitting restrictions, the scalability and flexibility afforded by Coselle™ Systems, project terms and counterparty credit.

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